The companion volume to the documentary series, Indiana Jones in History: From Pompeii to the Moon, is a synthetic work of popular history combined with insights from my own original research, all based on a class I teach at American University. It will be published in early 2018 and will include the following chapters:

  1. From Pompeii to the Louvre
  2. Lord Elgin and the Great Belzoni
  3. Consuming Indiana Jones
  4. The Age of Discontent
  5. The Treasures of China
  6. Confronting Indiana Jones
  7. Scholars At War
  8. Indiana Jones in History

Please check back for updates as the publication date draws near. In the meantime, you may be interested in reading my first book, Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State, which examines the political history of Xinjiang during the twentieth century.  


Xinjiang was a frequent destination for many foreign explorers and archaeologists at this time, and it was the study of this northwestern Muslim region of China that first got me interested in the politics of archaeological expeditions throughout the world. If you’d like to learn more, you can listen to an interview about the book